Monday, 23 January 2012


Alice Takes A Trip Cat and Pleather bow tee
Glamorous Black high waisted moleskin shorts
Miss Selfridge Striped tights
Topshop Spike pendant necklace
eBay Cross earrings

So, my blogging resolution is going really well... I'm a shame on the world of fashion bloggers! I just can't find the time to post due to work and sleep and trying to do everything else and for that, I am sorry. But I do really love blogging and will try and get back into the swing of things. First post with my fringe, which is pretty old news by now! Had a little trim this morning but the thing about the fringe is, its so versatile! I've been wearing it with a middle parting for a super 60's look and also swept to the side for a feminine, cute look. Cutting a fringe was a good move! This teeshirt came through the post this morning, much to my excitement, from Alice Takes A Trip. It's the first item I've bought from the website and I got to use my discount code too - lovely! Bought loads of Topshop jewellery in the sale which I love!

Happy Chinese New Year!


MarieStella said...

absolutely adorable top and tights!! so cute!!

philisophical fashionista said...

im dying to buy form there! any chance you'll let me know your discount code?

emswish said...

sorry, it's an own personal payment for writing their blog on ASOS and i wouldn't want them to miss out. they are incredible though. check out their sale items - this teeshirt is currently on sale!

philisophical fashionista said...

oh don't worry its fine, i thought you'd got it from a magazine or something. yeah i know i'm buying one of their tops anyway, just wanted to see if i could get any discount as im so broke, but thanks anyway:)

emswish said...

aw thanks for understanding, sweetheart! yeh, money's not an issue when it comes to pretty clothes!